Saturday, 6 July 2019

Ancestry updates Nova Scotia, Canada, Land Petitions, 1765-1800

This updated database contains an index of details extracted from petitions made for grants of land in Nova Scotia. It's unclear how much is updated. 

The original records include licenses of occupation, warrants to survey, grants, surveyors' reports and certificates, petitions for land grants, boundaries and descriptions of land and lots, receipts, protests against petitions, and similar documents related to land grants. Petitions sometimes asked for other items to assist in settlement as well: tools, ammunition, clothes, and building materials.

The following details have been extracted from the petitions for this database:
place of land record
record year
names on land record

Records for New Brunswick, which was part of Nova Scotia until 1784, are included.

Images of the petitions are available on the Nova Scotia Archives website.

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