Saturday, 27 July 2019

New WW2 era records on Ancestry

Two new databases have appeared in the Ancestry card catalog, the product of cooperation with the
Arolsen Archives, formerly known as the International Tracing Service, or ITS.

Europe, Registration of Foreigners and German Persecutees, 1939-1947, 10,164,406 records
This collection consists of people who were persecuted by public institutions, social securities and companies. The records may also include information on those who died, including burial information. The documents were assembled according to the Zones of Occupation - American, British, French and Soviet - by the Allied forces within Germany. Areas outside Germany were also recorded.
This first release, for the American zone, includes 12,140 with nationality given as England, 716 as British, and 303 as Canada.

Africa, Asia and Europe, Passenger Lists of Displaced Persons, 1946-1971, 1,704,403 records
The majority of the immigrants listed in this collection are displaced persons - Holocaust survivors, former concentration camp inmates and Nazi forced labourers, as well as refugees from Central and Eastern European countries and some non-European countries.
It includes 85,613 who gave their destination as Canada including 870 where Ottawa was specified.

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