Saturday, 13 July 2019

Canadians in The Journal of One-Name Studies

The quarterly publication of the Guild of One-Name Studies is not where I expect to find a lot of Canadian content, Volume 13, Issue 7 for July - September 2019 is an exception.

A Fishy Story: The Mitchelmores of Green Island Cove, by Michael Micthelmore, explores the reason why in this small Newfoundland community 67% were named Mitchelmore and 32% McLean. That's according to the 1945 census.

My Gillespie World-Wide Research, by Norma Gillespie caught my attention as her ancestors owned the land where (or nearby where ) I live. Gillespie Crescent is part of my route any time I go out. The family is traced back to Ireland and Scotland.

Should you start a One-Name Study if there is no one to take it over?, by Wayne Shepheard is this Calgary genealogist's musings. I ask, does it matter? I expect to have more to say in a forthcoming post prompted by this thought-provoking article.

Finally, an article that's not Canadian, The Incidence of Non-Paternal Events (NPEs) in Men of Manx Origin by John A Creer. His study estimates the NPE rate in the Isle of Man as 0.4% per generation, much lower than the 1 - 2 % typically quoted. I suspect 0.4% is an underestimate as it doesn't account for cases where a male from the same bloodline as the supposed father was actually the genetic father.

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Toni said...

In an attempt to find my 3xgrandfather I have become a one name study! The only family missing is his.