Monday, 22 July 2019

The British do buy passes for a conference with classes

RootsTech London is not your average family history show. It has a lot to offer although I for one get stopped in my tracks when I read "3 huge days with over 150+ classes"

But "A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Brits watch US TV (I grew up watching Jack Benny, the Lone Ranger and Perry Como), US films and even American football. So why not admission (or tickets) for conferences (or shows) that offer excellent presentations?

RootsTech London has a number of different tracks including sessions on DNA; English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh research; Jewish research; German research; research in France; as well as research in Spain/Portugal. And I'm told Canada is to be announced! You can see them all so far here, reformatted in a way you may find more convenient than on the RootsTech London website — courtesy of Paul Jones.

Don't let "class" prejudice stop you from enjoying all that's on offer at RootsTech London, much more than presentations.

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