Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Ontario library statistics 2018

On 8 July the Ontario government published online a spreadsheet of self-reported data for 2018 from 379 public libraries, First Nation public libraries and contracting organizations. It includes a huge amount of data, over 300 columns.
For the nine public library systems that serve communities of over 250,000 residents, Toronto, Ottawa, Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton, London, Markham, Vaughan and Kitchener:
  • Median usage is 31% of the resident population varying from 45% in Markham to 23% in Brampton. For Toronto its 31% and Ottawa 33%.
  • Funding from the local tax base is a median $115 per household with a range of $178 for Vaughan to $95 for Brampton. At $107 per household, the Ottawa Public Library received $8 per household less than the large municipality median and $50 per household less than the Toronto Public Library.
The 2018 spreadsheet, with similar data back to 1999 is available at https://www.ontario.ca/data/ontario-public-library-statistics/.

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