Wednesday, 24 July 2019


On Monday morning, when I read that the cost of a digital copy of post-1857 probate records from England and Wales was reduced from £10 to £1.50 I checked the date. No, it wasn't the first of April.

I was still doubtful, but numerous sources have carried the joyful news.

Take advantage by starting at this UK Government site.


Anonymous said...

Used it right away -- great deal better than Prime Day!!!

Wendy Croome said...

Wouldn't you know? For the first time in ages, I ordered a will last week and paid the £10! I just hope it contains lots of useful information.

Anonymous said...

This makes me cry. Due to a recent death in the family, on Monday, the day the new prices came out, I was going through this part of the website in preparation for making a Grant of Representation, something I have never had to do before. The website sent me from pillar to post and finally announced that it could not deal with my inquiry at the time. How frustrating that my difficulties were being caused by adding to their website to make things easier for genealogists!