Thursday, 25 July 2019

UK WDYTYA Daniel Ratcliffe episode (no longer) on YouTube

Monday's BBC broadcast of the first in their new Who Do You Think You Are? series with Daniel Ratcliffe is (update) NO LONGER available on YouTube. It's in a curious version where the programme occupies about a third of the screen.
I enjoyed the episode although it's annoying having to ignore the remainder of the screen.


Anonymous said...

You're right John, it was irritating to watch that episode on 1/3 screen. However, it fascinated me.

My late husband Ed's grandfather was William Robert Bancroft, who married Ed's grandmother Sarah Wilhemina Jane Chick in 1889 in Kimberley South Africa. Ed's father William Victor James Bancroft, was born there in Kimberley in 1897. Willia later attended the Christian Brothers College and the Kimberley School of Mines.

Seeing information in this episode of WDYTYA motivated me to look up more about the Kimberley Diamnond Mines. There sure is a lot more information available about the mine workers, etc., than was available the last time I worked this section of Ed's family hstory, more than 10 years ago. Many thanks, and cheers, BT

Btyclk said...

John, Your link took me to this:

Video unavailable
This video contains content from Warner Bros. International, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.

I was able to see the part where he read a letter from his great-grandfather at the time of his suicide.