Tuesday, 30 July 2019

WDYTYA Magazine August 2019

You can likely get free access to the latest issue through your local public library collection of online resources via Press Reader.
In this issue; perhaps you've wondered why former teen idol and singer Donny Osmond is featured in RootsTech London. WDYTYA? Magazine editor Sarah Williams finds out about his passion for family history in an interview.
It turns out he's not just a latter-day teen age idol; he has a long-standing interest in his family history from Wales and England. "Like every genealogist, he clearly loves the thrill of the chase — like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. Every time you add a piece, who you are becomes clearer and clearer. It's almost a spiritual experience to find out where you come from, and discover the people responsible for you even being here.”
Also in the issue, there's an article of Canadian interest "My Missing Ancestors Were British Home Children."
As my grandfather was a professional musician I was interested to find a three-page article recommending best websites for finding them. Another three-pager under the topic Ancestors at Work, on Commercial Travellers, is another one relevant to my family history.
There's much more.
Find WDYTYA Magazine listed under UK/National records. There's a bit of a learning curve to find it among the wide range of other specialist magazines, those of likely interest are BBC History Magazine and BBC History of War.

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