Sunday, 28 July 2019

Sale of DNA kits at 8 August event "DNA and Online Resources for Discovering Your Lost Family History"

There will be sales of DNA test kits at VERY favourable prices only for attendees at this event.

MyHeritage DNA Ancestry Only Pre-Sale Registration
Daniel Horowitz will be lecturing at the event and will have MyHeritage DNA "Ancestry only" kits (no health information) available for purchase at a reduced price of US$49 = CA$ 65, saving the cost of shipping. To pre-order DNA kits fill in the form at
Payment will be collected at the event via credit card. Kits will be distributed once the credit card payment is processed.

AncestryDNA Kits
Lesley Anderson will be speaking and, in coordination with Global Genealogy, will have AncestryDNA kits for sale, likely at a price competitive with that of MyHeritage DNA.

Find out more about the event with a link to register, which is free, here.

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