Monday, 8 August 2011

Family Tree Maker 2012 public beta

Ancestry has now provided a link to its new Family Tree Maker 2012 beta - it can be directly downloaded free from
It's a 436 MB download and the installation process is long so you have to be patient. The download took about 15 minutes with my connection, I also had to download a Microsoft utility and then install so better not count on starting to work with it for 45 minutes.

The program has worked for me without problems so far. However, as my previous version was FTM 2010 I don't know exactly what's new with this version, and what was already in place for the 2011 version. Actually, that's not quite true as Doug Hoddinott speaks about the 2011 version in the latest BIFHSGO blog conversation.

I tried it out on Prime Minister Stephen Harper's ancestry of which I previously had just two greatgrandparents identified. After an hour I had them all, or perhaps it would be better to claim candidates for them all. I didn't go back to check the sources. 
Based just on this trial I know I'll be getting a copy when the final version is released..

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