Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Col By Day 2011

Once again, Col. By Day at the Bytown Museum turned out to be an enjoyable experience for young and old alike.
Traditional music, dance, and short plays put on by Vintage Stock Theater were featured in the area to the south of the museum, partly obscured by the tent with LIVE on it.
The blue roof tents just beyond the museum attracted lots of kids interested in getting temporary tattoos. Beyond that was an area where storytelling was going on as I left.
Across the canal there was a military salute to those who died during it's construction.

Closest to the Ottawa River was an area of tents, look carefully and you can see the white roofs, occupied by local genealogical and historical organizations. It's an opportunity for people in the community to exchange news and views, The whole event is a feather in the cap of the Council of Heritage Organizations of Ottawa which organizes the annual event.

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