Tuesday, 2 August 2011

New Brunswick, County Deed Registry Books, added at FamilySearch

The first new database added to FamilySearch in August is Canadian.

For each of New Brunswick's counties: Albert, Carleton, Charlotte, Gloucester, Kent, Kings, Madawaska, Madawaska, Victoria, Northumberland, Queens, Restigouche, Saint John, Sunbury, Victoria, Westmorland, and York, you will find at least one of a deed book, index book, and sometimes separate index books for grantor and grantee.

I took a look at the records for Queens County for which there are 55 deed books for date ranges between 1786 in 1901. There are two index books each for grantee and grantor, before and after 1866.

I tried out the records by checking Queens County for the name Wiggins and found a record for Susan A, wife of E Stone, as grantee of two deeds in Canning. One is identified as Libro N-2 in folio 473 and refers to page number 473 in the deed book for 1882-83 which is an indenture whereby for $50 Susan Wiggins purchases 300 acres of land on the shore of Grand Lake.

If you had an ancestor who was involved in the purchase or sale of land in New Brunswick in this time period there will almost certainly be information in this database of interest to you.


helen Edwards said...

I tried to find this information on familysearch.org and came up empty, How is it accessed. This information will be a great source for tracing my New Brunswick relatives.

JDR said...

Go to https://www.familysearch.org/search/collection/list#page=1&region=NORTH_AMERICA

and scroll down to New Brunswick where you'll find it amongst other goodies.

Anonymous said...

I like Helen tried to access this page. Internet stated it couldn't find the page so I Googled" New Brunswick, County Deed Registry Books. Ah Sweet Success.