22 August 2011

Tom Devine interview in The Scotsman

In 2002 BIFHSGO's Don Whiteside Memorial Lecture was given by Scottish academic Tom Devine on the topic "On the Make: Scots in the British Empire in the Eighteenth Century."

The 20 August Scotsman published an interview with Devine by David Robinson on the occasion of Devine's latest book To The Ends of the Earth, about the 2.3 million Scots who left their homeland between 1825 and 1938. It also marks Devine relinquishing the Sir William Fraser Professorship of Scottish History and Paleography at Edinburgh University.

Robinson is an admirer characterizing Devine as "the man who has done more than any to transform the way this country thinks about its past."

Read this interesting article at http://thescotsman.scotsman.com/features/Interview-Tom-Devine-historian-.6821743.jp?articlepage=1

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DWP said...

There is an interesting review of Tom Devine's book "To the Ends of th Earth" on p.41 of The Guardian Weekly" 26.08.11.