Friday, 12 August 2011

Online index to the Cambrian newspaper

Swansea Library Service provides a free index to articles in The Cambrian, the first English-language newspaper to be published in Wales, running from 1804 - 1930.

The computerised index can be searched for any word; see the instructions and other information at

A search for Canada returned 161 hits including some for immigrant letters and a number about William E Logan, a Scotsman who did considerable work on the geology of Wales before founding the Geological Survey of Canada. He returned to Wales on retirement, one of the index entries records his death. The highest mountain in Canada is named for him.

There are 13 references to Ottawa, mainly to a ship of that name; 15 to Toronto and 64 to Montreal.

These are indexes. Full articles are not available online. 

Thanks to Hugh Reekie for mentioning this facility to me.

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