Tuesday, 2 August 2011

More on J K Rowling's ancestry

J K Rowling may not be surprised at the box office revenues from the last of the movies from her Harry Potter series, but came in for a surprise when a story on her family origin turned out not quite to be as she believed.

I'd imagine this will make for quite a WDYTYA episode.

Read the story at:

A comment on a previous J K Rowling post asked about accessing BBC programs through their iPlayer when not in the UK.
Although the BBC is now making the iPlayer available to some countries that does not include North America at present.
I know of no free way to circumvent territorial restrictions, but would be keen to learn of some. Perhaps this might be available through torrents, but that's not a technology I'm up on.
There are also commercial services that make it look as if your are in another country, like http://www.identitycloaker.com/


turner said...

I'm old school. The BBC will not sell and ship DVD's of the WDYTYA series to me in Canada for copyright reasons. I have a chum in the UK buy them and mail them to me, and re-pay him. Since it's only for personal use, not for broadcasting, it's only sort of bad. But it means I have all of the series. They cannnot be viewed on TV, but work just fine on any computer. Brenda Turner

Saskatchewan Genealogical Society said...

Hi...try TunnelBear...its a free downloadable program and seems to work well. It provides an ISP address that allows you to watch (on computer) progams aired in other countries. Assuming of course that the network has put the program video online. You can choose which country(ies). It is also legal.
Linda Dunsmore