Saturday, 6 August 2011

Family Tree DNA attracts competitor's clients

Family Tree DNA has acquired a dominant position in the genetic genealogy market, at least as regardsY-chromosome and mitochondrial DNA. Many people choose to test with Family Tree DNA because of the large database of clients they have to compare their own results with, and potentially find genetic links.

Now Family Tree DNA has announced that, for a price, it will accept into its database DNA results from competitor companies Ancestry, Genetree, and SMGF, all of which use Sorenson Genomics to conduct their analysis. the company is also offering to upgrade those competitor results to include the missing markers to bring them into line with FTDNA's standard tests.

This looks like a win-win. FTDNA will attract away competitors customers and those customers will get access to the large FTDNA database at an attractive price.
It's also a way for the company to regain some of the momentum it appears to have lost in the developing field of autosomal DNA analysis in competition with 23andme.

For details on the offer scroll down to the THIRD PARTY section at

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