17 August 2011

UK Family Tree magazine online

The leading UK family history magazine, Family Tree, has joined the second decade of the twenty-first century by making issues available electronically.

Family Tree now comes in a pdf version, readable on a PC or Mac; for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (iOS 3.1.3 or later); and in an Android version. See the options at http://goo.gl/V6HwR

The electronic versions should be both more timely and more economical.

In Canada you rarely see Family Tree on the newsstands until near the end of the month on the cover. The electronic version should be available around the time the issue appears on the newsstands in the UK, often a couple of weeks before the start of the month. The September issue is now available online.

As for cost, at Chapters in Ottawa Family Tree sells for $13.90 plus tax, total nearly $16. Online at the single issue price is $5.99, attractive even though you don't get the cover disc that comes with the print version.

At $49.99 for a 12 issue subscription vs £69.90 for airmail delivery, half price, it also looks like a great deal.

I downloaded the September issue to my iPhone and my first impressions are positive. Naturally it's a different experience than with the print version. I hope to write more after taking the time to try it more comprehensively.

recent survey of 250 book buyers from the US, UK and Germany concluded their expectation is that an e-book should cost around 65% to 70% of the print price. Compare that to 50% of the print price for a Family Tree subscription.

You can also subscribe electronically to Family Chronicle, History Magazine and Internet Genealogy from Moorshead Magazines, and to History Scotland.

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MHD said...

Thank you for the info. I don't care for online magazines, but given the price difference and trouble (often the impossibility of) getting it in California at all, I think this will work.