Saturday, 27 August 2011

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An e-mail from Deborah Chatfield has news of data sets recently added, all but one already reported in this blog, and a change in price structure.

The records not previously mentioned are for the parishes of Greenwich and Rotherhithe in Kent, over 18,000 baptism, marriage and burial records from 1825-1871.

The remainder of Deborah's message follows:

BEST VALUE IN HISTORY has also this week lowered its prices. An annual Full subscription to the website allowing access to all the historical records on the site is now priced at £109.95, down from £129.95, while the annual Foundation subscription is now down from £91.95 to £79.95. Both include the complete 1911 census for England & Wales.

Paul Yates, Head of said "We're committed to making family history as affordable as possible, while still ensuring that we continue to deliver a steady stream of fascinating, new family history records to our customers every month.
Lower prices are always appreciated, although as a loyal subscriber I now only feel half as much appreciated as with the previous 20% loyalty discount. I also noticed that the company no longer makes the commitment that the price paid by their loyal customers will be the lowest offered. Is that a change, or just on a omission? have also changed the organization and look at their website, something I intend commenting on later.

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