Tuesday, 2 August 2011

23andMe limited time discount

23andMe sent me this $50 coupon good until 9 August 2011.
I'm a satisfied 23andMe client, as are an increasing number of people in the genealogical community. Read more about their test and what they can do you your understanding of your ancestry at https://www.23andme.com/ancestry/.
As a bonus you get their reading on your DNA and health, but remember that in most cases your DNA is only one factor, often not a very large factor, in your health.
To use this coupon, visit the online store and add an order to your cart. Click "I have a discount code" and enter the code below.

$50 Off
Coupon code: YG7XDH
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(Valid for new customers only) 

Be aware that in Canada there is an additional charge of roughly $50 for shipping and handling and a monthly subscription. Read the terms.
As a matter of record, I have no commercial relationship with the company beyond that of paying client.

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