24 August 2011

More on the UK Family Tree e-magazine

It's been a few days since I posted on the newly available electronic versions of the UK's best selling genealogy magazine Family Tree. I've now had an opportunity to give it a good trial.

Back issues are available to May 2010. I've been reading the September issue using the app on my iPhone which also works on the iPod touch and the iPad. I can't comment on the iPad experience nor the Android version.

Installing the app is no different from any other. It costs $2.99 which includes one issue.

Starting the app brings up a screen where you can connect to an issue already purchased, buy an issue or a subscription. Six and twelve issue subscriptions are available.

Opening an issue takes you to a full page image of the front cover, then if you are returning to the issue you are taken to the page most recently open. You navigate through pages by sliding a finger across the screen. In portrait orientation touching the bottom of the screen opens a quick view panel, with page numbers prominently shown so you can quickly move to a desired page.

You can read headlines on the iPhone page image, then double tap to zoom in a factor two. That's still not large enough to read comfortably so you then need to do an expanding pinch. You move about the page by dragging the image with your finger.

You can bookmark a page to return to later.

I was surprised that there is no separate electronic index for this edition so you can go directly to an article, nor is there any ability to search the text.  The product is page images of excellent quality even for the most magnified image.

Online you get to read new issues six weeks before they appear on Canadian newsstands, and it costs much less. What you don't get is the cover CD and the need to dispose of the magazine and CD when no longer needed.

I will be subscribing.


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Belinda Griffin, web editor, Family Tree said...

Hi, thank you for your review. We're really pleased you like the app and that you will be subscribing! Just to let you know the index so you can jump to articles is coming - we had to upload the mags first and now we can start adding in stuff like that! We are also looking at ways readers can search the text.

Happy reading!