Saturday, 13 August 2011

Julian Bickersteth Memorial Medal

A post by the (UK) Society of Genealogists announces that:
In commemoration of its 100th Anniversary the Society of Genealogists has been awarded the Julian Bickersteth Memorial Medal by the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies. The award is made to persons or organisations who have made notable and exemplary contributions to genealogy and family history studies in the judgement of and at the discretion of the Institute’s Trustees.
Scroll down in the announcement and you'll find a list of individuals, and a few organizations, previously awarded the Medal. Most are British. There are several other Europeans.

I only recognized three North American names, including one Society - The Genealogical Society of Utah recognized for "remarkable contributions to
our studies, converting our own British Vital Records Index into something
nearer a reality and co-operating actively and generously with the family
history movement world wide."

Dr Arlene Eakle was recognized as "a pioneering teacher of family history studies in the United States of America who has done much to raise professional
standards in genealogy world wide."

Canadian, Robert Douglas Watt OStJ., MA, FHSC, FHS was the first Chief Herald of Canada. He is a BIFHSGO member.

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