Friday, 26 August 2011

LAC consultation milestone

On 26 February 2008 LAC held an open public consultation.

In advertising the event LAC said "These sessions represent the first in a series of public consultation meetings as part of LAC's new consultation initiative focusing on the delivery of its public services. These ongoing consultations are open to all LAC users and will include both public meetings and opportunities to provide feedback through the Internet and by mail."

It's now exactly three and a half years since that first public meeting, the only one held so far. That's breaking faith with the clients who believed LAC's word was to be trusted that things would change.

Unfortunately it's another LAC example of Cows may come, cows may go, ..... ?

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Anonymous said...

There was also a two-day on-site paper survey this week, if you could actually find one of the forms to fill out.