Friday, 19 August 2011

New and updated London records on Ancestry

Church of England confirmation records don't tend to survive in the numbers that baptism, marriage and burial records. The new London, England, Church of England Confirmation collection has only 22,457. The format varies. Name, residence and age are common. Often you'll see date of first communion, and occasionally dates for baptism and even death.

London, England, Poor Law Records, 1834-1940 is an update, now with nearly 2.4 million records. They are not yet transcribed, it’s not possible to search for your relatives automatically. You need to browse to look for people of interest borough by borough, or by workhouse.

Examples of the types of records found in this collection include:

Admission and discharge books of workhouses
Registers of individuals in the infirmary
Creed registers
School registers
Registers of children boarded out or sent to various other institutions
Registers of apprentices
Registers of lunatics
Registers of servants
Registers of children
Registers of relief to wives and children
Registers of inmates
Registers of indoor poor
Registers of deserted children

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