Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Book notice: DNA and Social Networking

Debbie Kennett, editor, author and British genealogist of the avant-garde has produced a new book which I shall be reviewing on the blog.
DNA and Social Networking has been in the works for some while. In January Debbie wrote on her blog that the manuscript was with the publishers The History Press for publication in October, now November. That's time for a rigorous editorial process, something one might expect from the publisher of Ancestral Trails: The Complete Guide to British Genealogy and Family History and of The Phillimore Atlas and Index of Parish Registers both of which I keep readily to hand at my desk.

Thanks to Debbie for sending me the table of contents for DNA and Social Networking, copied below.

Foreword by Chris Pomery 7
Preface 9
Acknowledgements 12
I The genetic genealogy revolution 15
1 The basic principles 17
2 Surnames and the paternal line 23
3 Before surnames: haplogroups and deep ancestry 52
4 The maternal line: mitochondrial DNA tests 63
5 Cousins reunited: autosomal DNA tests 80
6 Setting up and running a DNA project 99
II The social networking revolution 109
Introduction 111
7 Traditional genealogical networking methods 115
8 Genealogy social networking websites 126
9 General social networking websites 140
10 Blogs 156
11 Wikis 165
12 Multimedia 178
13 Collaborative tools 189
Appendix A DNA websites 197
Appendix B Testing companies 201
Appendix C DNA projects 204
Appendix D Surname resources 208
Glossary 209
Bibliography 214
Index 217
Debbie mentioned that it is "written very much from a British perspective with a focus on resources for Brits and the application of DNA testing for people living in the UK." In Canada we get accustomed to reading books written for audiences elsewhere, mainly the US, and it only becoming available several months after UK publication.

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