23 January 2012

23andMe Ambassadors Group appointed

23andMe, the personal genetic testing company with around 100,000 tests completed, announces the membership of their newly created Ancestry Ambassadors group.

CeCe Moore (TangledVine)
Andrea Badger (AndreaBadger)
Ann Turner MD (Ann DNACousins)
Larry Vick (Larry Vick)
Shannon Christmas (AncientPlanter)
Tim Janzen MD (Tim Janzen).
It would be hard to think of a group that has more credibility with the genetic genealogy community. I hope they're used wisely and are able to convince the company that genetic genealogy is a business line worthy of increased priority.

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Your Genetic Genealogist said...

Thanks for the supportive words. I am confident that we can make a difference at 23andMe. They seem very interested in focusing on and improving the Ancestry portion of their business.
CeCe Moore