09 January 2012

50% off Ancestry - can you get it?

I grabbed an image of this ad from the Legion Magazine offering 50% off an initial Ancestry.ca World Deluxe subscription to Canadian Legion members. The offer is also on the Canadian Legion website here. Short of winning the jackpot, an Ancestry subscription is a frequent door prize at family history society conferences, 50% is the best discount I've seen.
The small print in the ad says you call the phone number given to make full payment for a one year subscription by credit card and will be automatically enrolled for renewal unless you call to cancel.

Would Ancestry management consider a similar offer to family history society members? It would be widely appreciated, a great incentive for societies to offer to new members. Is this something on which the (US) Federation of Genealogical Societies, whose member societies would benefit, would take the initiative? Maybe the genealogical community, especially the bloggers who judging by recent experience collectively have a voice that carries some weight, could help this happen.

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Barbara said...

I understand why Ancestry gives discounts such as these to get new members, who they hope will never cancel their subscription. I also understand that they give discounts to people who are "returning" to Ancestry after having canceled a subscription. However, they give no financial incentive to KEEP members. I seriously considered canceling my subscription this time around simply because I don't feel valued as a customer - certainly not valued enough to be given a deal!