11 January 2012

War of 1812 and Migration booklets by Elizabeth Lapointe

Some months ago Elizabeth Lapointe, well known as the editor of OGS Families and a blogger in her own right, or is that write, at Genealogy Canada handed me copies of two booklets she has published. They are laminated single fold, four page format. I'd call them quicksheets but perhaps that's a proprietary name.

It's taken a while for Elizabeth to get them stocked so you can order them. Now they're available from two sources.
Global Genealogy has "The War of 1812: Canada and the United States" and

"Migration: Canada and the United States" conveniently linked from the site front page, right hand side with a good description of the content.

They are also available from the National Institute for Genealogical Studies by following the chain of links "Our Store" > "Other Products" > "By Country/Groups" > "Canada: General" > "Books". Then look on page 2 for the Migration booklet and : page 4 for the War of 1812. It's a convoluted path --  you may discover some other hidden gems along the way!
Elizabeth has packed a lot into the four pages, two column format. In the "Migration: Canada and the United States" brochure the material is divided under Canada and United State. Sub-headings for Canada are: Arcadian Migration, Migration to the Boston States, French Canadian Migration, Migration to the Midwestern and Southwestern States, and Migration from Canada to the United States Due to War. Under each there is a brief discussion of the scope and significance and lists of online and book resources.
For sale at $7.95 these should prove a convenient reference for those researching ancestors involved in these events on either side of the border.

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