27 January 2012

Ordering materials at LAC

Many people seem not to know that you can order materials, both from the archival and library collection prior to a visit to Library and Archives Canada. Order from Request For Retrieval of Documents, that's http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/the-public/005-3040-e.php. The instruction is that you must submit your request at least five working days prior to your visit so planning is needed.

I've found the system works quite well, although I'm told of people receiving the wrong box and having to wait extra days for remote retrieval

You may also need a sixth sense. Take a look at the anti-spamming code in the image to the left. What is the penultimate character in the string?  Is it a letter or a number, not always easy to determine if it's out of context? Guess wrong and your request will be rejected.

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