22 January 2012

LAC blog: The Gatineau Preservation Centre

The most recent posting on the LAC blog is A Behind-the-Scenes Look at LAC: The Gatineau Preservation Centre. The GPC is possibly the jewel in the LAC crown, likely why it was once visited by President Bush (the younger). They give occasional tours, well worth taking if you have the opportunity.

According to the posting 70 preservation experts work in the GPC in individual laboratories constructed in a village-like setting. I hope future LAC blog postings can gives us more insight into the work of these laboratories. That builds support for an organization, and the work of the backroom experts actually walking the walk of preservation, much more credible than senior managers talking the talk.

I was surprised to see in the posting "did you know that there are other LAC facilities throughout Canada? Some buildings are for staff offices, while others are dedicated to the management and preservation of LAC holdings." Unsubstantiated rumour has it that one way LAC will be responding to imminent budget cuts is by closing its regional locations and providing service outside the NCR through third party agencies and online records. We'll see.

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