17 January 2012

New book notice: Sandringham Days: The Domestic Life of the Royal Family in Norfolk, 1862-1952.

Of possible interest to anyone with royal or even royal servant connections, Sandringham Days: The Domestic Life of the Royal Family in Norfolk, 1862-1952, is advertised as:

"Drawing on letters, diaries and contemporary reports, author John Matson presents a fresh angle on the private lives of a very public family: Queen Victoria’s first visit, the glittering parties of the Edwardian era and the reigns of King George V and two of his sons."
Official publication date is in February. John Matson previously published "Dear Osborne: Queen Victoria's family life in the Isle of Wight"

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Eric said...

I have a servant connection to Sandringham, but as it would be very unlikely to make it into this book I have no plans to purchase the book!

According to one of my third cousins, our ancestors had a Royal Warrant to sweep the chimneys at Sandringham (including a plaque on their house in nearby Snettisham), and if you have looked at an old photo of Sandringham you will see that there were many, many chimneys in the 19th century. It is said that the entire family of father John Dodman and his sons John, George, Richard and Samuel would travel on a horse and cart to undertake this mammoth task, but as of writing no trace of a Royal Warrant or plaque has been located.