04 January 2012

35 family history books coming soon

For those who like to browse in bookshops and bookstands at conferences let me whet your appetite with a selection from Amazon.com's catalogue of genealogy and family history books scheduled for release in 2012.
Release dates are guidelines. Publications are often available pre-release, or may not be available where you are until later. That's especially true of availability on another continent from where published.
Some of the authors are well known. Their books are a good bet. I've only seen one, DNA and Social Networking, which I'm favourably reviewing in a forthcoming issue of Internet Genealogy. Some others ... let's leave it at these aren't books I've seen.

Here's the list:

Imperial Immigrants: Scottish Settlers in the Upper Ottawa Valley, 1815-1840 [Paperback] Michael E. Vance (Author). Scheduled for release August 20, 2012.
Glasgow [Paperback] Bruce Durie (Author). Scheduled for release August 1, 2012.
Finding Your Roots: Easy-to-Do Genealogy and Family History [Paperback]
Janice Schultz (Author). Scheduled for release July 1, 2012.
Mastering Family, Library & Church Records  [Paperback] Daniel Quillen W. (Author). Scheduled for release  June 26, 2012.
The Genealogist's Internet, 5th Revised Edition [Paperback] Peter Christian (Author). Scheduled for release  June 26, 2012.
Discover Your Family History Online: A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting Your Genealogy Search [Paperback] Nancy Hendrickson (Author).  Scheduled for release  June 13, 2012.
AARP Genealogy Online: Tech to Connect [Paperback] April Leigh Helm (Author), Matthew L. Helm (Author) Scheduled for release  June 12, 2012.
Napoleonic Lives: Researching the British Soldiers of the Napoleonic Wars [Paperback] Carole Divall (Author)  Scheduled for release  June, 2012.
Family History: Digging Deeper [Paperback] Simon Fowler (Author) Scheduled for release  June 1, 2012.
Genealogy QuickSteps [Paperback] Marty Matthews (Author), Bobbi Sandberg (Author) Scheduled for release  May 22, 2012.
Researching Your Irish Ancestors at Home and Abroad [Paperback]David R. Elliott (Author) Scheduled for release May 14, 2012.
Scottish Genealogy, 3rd ed. [Paperback] Bruce Durie (Author) Scheduled for release May 1, 2012
Preserving Local Writers, Genealogy, Photographs, Newspapers, and Related Materials [Paperback] Carol Smallwood (Author, Editor), Elaine Williams (Editor) Scheduled for release April 16, 2012  
DNA and Social Networking: A Guide to Genealogy in the Twenty-First Century [Hardcover] Debbie Kennett (Author). Scheduled for US/Canada release April 1, 2012
Tracing Your Huguenot Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians [Paperback]Kathy Chater (Author) Scheduled for release April, 2012
Tracing Your British Indian Ancestors [Paperback]Emma Jolly (Author) Scheduled for release April, 2012
Tracing Your Irish Ancestors, 4th ed. [Paperback]John Grenham (Author) Scheduled for release March 30, 2012
How to Trace Your Family History on the Internet, 2nd rev. ed. [Paperback]Nick Barratt (Author) Scheduled for release March 30, 2012
Trace Your Roots [Paperback] Maureen Vincent-Northam (Author) Scheduled for release March 30, 2012
The Genealogist's Census Pocket Reference: Tips, Tricks & Fast Facts to Track Your Ancestors [Paperback] Editors of Family Tree Magazine (Editor) Scheduled for release March 29, 2012
Quillen's Essentials of Genealogy: Tracing Your European Roots [Paperback]
W. Daniel Quillen (Author) Scheduled for release March 27, 2012.
Tracing Your Naval Ancestors [Paperback] Simon Fowler (Author)  Scheduled for release March 19, 2012.
Complete Idiot's Guide To Genealogy, 3rd ed. [Paperback] Christine Rose CG CGL FAS (Author), Kay Germain Ingalls CG (Author) Scheduled for release March 6, 2012.
Scots a Genetic Journey [Paperback] Alistair Moffat (Author), James F Wilson (Author)  Scheduled for release March 1, 2012.
Irish Family & Local History Handbook [Paperback] Robert Blatchford (Author) Scheduled for release February 28, 2012.
Tracing Your Canal Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians [Paperback] Sue Wilkes (Author) Scheduled for release February 19, 2012.
Family Matters: A History of Genealogy [Hardcover] Michael Sharpe (Author) Scheduled for release February 19, 2012.
Tracing Your Second World War Ancestors [Paperback] Phil Tomaselli (Author) Scheduled for release February 19, 2012.
How to Do Everything Genealogy, 3rd ed. [Paperback] George G. Morgan (Author) Scheduled for release February 7, 2012.
The Troubleshooter's Guide to Do-It-Yourself Genealogy [Paperback] Daniel Quillen W. (Author) Scheduled for release January 31, 2012.
Hey America Your Roots Are Showing [Paperback] Megan Smolenyak (Author)  Scheduled for release January 24, 2012.
Digital Video for Family Historians: Creation, Conversion, and Genealogical Archiving [Paperback] Joanna Silber (Author) Scheduled for release January 15, 2012.
Tracing Scottish Ancestors, 6th ed. [Paperback] National Archives (Author)  Scheduled for release January 13, 2012.
Scottish Roots Step By Step, 2nd rev. ed. [Paperback]Alwyn James (Author) Scheduled for release January 2, 2012.
Researching your Family History Online, In Simple Steps [Paperback] Heather Morris (Author)  Scheduled for release January 1, 2012.

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And then there are the sales! National Archives is having a sale this month sigh....http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/BOOKSHOP/category.aspx?c=40