31 January 2012

Genealogy Rock Stars: UK and Ireland

These survey results must be prefaced with a caution; with only 51 responses from people who gave their residence as UK or Ireland I wouldn't characterize the results as anything but interesting. With the vote so close they don't merit ranking so below are  the raw results for the top ten with number of votes received indicated in brackets.

Else Churchill (16)
Chris Paton (16)Nick Barrett (15)
John Grenham (15)Audrey Collins (14)
Cyndi Howells (14)Dick Eastman (13)
Megan Smolenyak (13)
Jane Lyons (12)
Michael Gandy (10)

A greater percentage of men (31%) voted than in the survey overall (20%).  More people age 34 and younger (24%) voted compared to (7%) overall.

Return tomorrow to read the text of all 124 comments posted on the survey.

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