24 January 2012

Genealogy rock star voting update

As of 10pm EST 348 people had voted in the survey. There was an initial burst of votes from Australia and New Zealand at the poll opening which was in the wee hours for much of North America. Then regular readers for Canada cast their ballot, followed by folks in the US as word spread.

So far Australia/NZ and Canada have a larger share of responses than their proportion of the population total for the four regions. The UK/Ireland and US are under-represented.
79% of respondents are women, 18% men, and 3% were undecided declined to specify.

The modal age of respondents is 55-64. As an aside, a 60 year old can expect to live another 22 years (in the US) so can look forward to many more years of genealogical activity.

Looking at the voting for individuals, the overall lead has changed several times with three votes separating first and third as I write this. If you haven't participated your vote could make the difference. The analysis will include national breakdowns so your vote could be the deciding one within your region.

Voting ends on Saturday. I hope to post the headline results on Sunday. More detailed analysis, including for national breakdowns, will follow. Also watch for a compilation of the comments, many of which name additional genealogists of note,  subject to deletion of any objectionable or obscene material.

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