21 January 2012

Arctic Canada caught on 1919 silent film

Look to the BBC to first tell the story.

"The Return of the Far Fur Country is a documentary about the fate of a silent feature film called The Romance of the Far Fur Country filmed by the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1920 and the efforts to bring the footage held in the British Film Institute archives back to Canada. The film is about the repatriation of these images to the Aboriginal communities across northern Canada; the original settings and subjects of this lost film."

One might also reflect of the Canadian national memory institutions not mentioned in the acknowledgement: "This project would not be possible without the cooperation of Hudson's Bay Company Archives, the British Film Institute / National Film and Television Archives in London, England and funders such as the Manitoba Arts Council."

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J said...

Thanks for this valuable info, not yet announced in Winnipeg and yet of great interest to many people here. Also this year is the 200th anniversary of the arrival of the first settlers sponsored by Lork Selkirk to the Red River.