12 January 2012

Canadian library genealogy blogs

Many libraries have specialist librarians for genealogy, sometimes combined with local history or a related specialty. You can look to your library for quality help in your family history studies, after all, librarians are professionals.

Even if you don't live within the area served by a major public library you can still benefit through the resources they have online, including blogs. Here's a public library blog overview, in alphabetical order.

Two posts so far this month, the most recent, on January 10, is "Interesting blogs for genealogists."
Montreal - none that I could find.
Only ten postings on this one, the most recent last May. There are also four items posted under Ottawa History including two podcasts.
Five postings so far this month, the last on January 9 was "Digitized Toronto Newspapers: Globe & Mail and Toronto Star."
Vancouver - http://guides.vpl.ca/cat.php?cid=30685
A single post under the heading Biography & Genealogy is about "All about Zines @ VPL."

If I missed a genealogy-related blog at one of these libraries, or you have one at your library you'd like to share, please leave a comment.

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