17 January 2012

The worst of genealogy in 2011

Tamura Jones, a Netherlands-based genealogist with a technology interest, and a prolific tweeter, posted on his GeneAwards for 2011 which I missed on December 31. The best award winners are interesting, but I had to smile at the choices for worst.

I hadn't heard of Funium Family Village, named as worst genealogy product of 2011. Tamura descibes it as "tedious and boring." He gives dishonourable mentions to Family Tree Maker 2012 "remarkably slow, memory-hungry and crash-prone" and
The Master Genealogist 8 referring to the report engine in which the previous version  had "major shortcomings should be fixed for free."

Read the best and the worst at http://www.tamurajones.net/GeneAwards2011.xhtml


Patrick Struve said...

FYI: Tamura Jones isn't just another genealogist with 'a technology interest' like Dick Eastman, but the real deal, he's a computer scientist.
His genealogy application reviews are amazingly thorough and his yearly Geneawards are always spot on.
BTW, I am pretty sure it is he, not she.

Paul Jones said...

No quibble with anyone's assessment of Tamura Jones (no relation), but Dick Eastman is a real deal too when it comes to technology. He's worked in the field for more than 40 years in a variety of capacities.

letzelfarm said...

I think I'll take a peek at Mr. Jones. I currently subscribe to Eastman's Plus and really enjoy his postings.