31 January 2012

Genealogy Rock Stars: USA

With 433 out of the 676 voters in the complete survey stating their residence as the USA it would be surprising if the results were very different from those overall (international). There are some differences shown in this ranking of those who received at least half the votes of the leader.

1. Elizabeth Shown Mills (258)
2. Megan Smolenyak (196)
3. Dick Eastman (176)
4. Thomas W. Jones (168)
5. Thomas MacEntee (161)
6. John Philip Colletta (143)
7. J. Mark Lowe (142)
8. Stephen P. Morse (136)
9. Cyndi Howells (129)

The results demonstrate the impact of having an international profile, mostly through web activity:

  • Megan Smolenyak has a five vote lead over Dick Eastman in the international results but a 20 vote lead when non-US votes are removed. 
  • Thomas MacEntee who enjoyed a 22 vote lead over Thomas W. Jones in the international results falls 7 votes behind for the US only result. 
  • Cyndi Howells, 6th internationally falls to 9th. 
  • J. Mark Lowe rises from 10th to 7th.
Return tomorrow to read the text of all 124 comments posted on the survey. 

1 comment:

Elizabeth Shown Mills said...

Genealogy sure is a great field! Where else could a granny with no rocker and no rhythm be on a "rock star" roster? :)