21 January 2012

Last call for genealogy rock star nominations


Quite a number of good nominations came in from the second call so here's your final chance. Remember, this is people who give "must attend" presentations at genealogy conferences and/or write "must read" family history articles or publications.

The list of nominees, updated to 8:00pm EST,  is:

Anthony Adolph, Lisa Alzo, Lesley Anderson, Nick Barratt, Carol Baxter, Claire Bettag, Warren Bittner, Larry Brennan, Jana Sloan Broglin, Fíona de Buitléir, Pauline Cass, Else Churchill, John Philip Colletta, Audrey Collins, Lisa Louise Cooke, Dick Eastman, Kerry Farmer, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Angela Gallagher, Michael Gandy, Heather Garnsey, Brian Gilchrist, Jan Gow, John Grenham, Michael Hait, Barbara Hall. Alison Hare, Mark D. Herber, Jean Wilcox Hibben, Shauna Hicks, Cyndi Howells, Sherry Irvine, Thomas W. Jones, Martyn Killion, J. Mark Lowe, Dan Lynch, Jane Lyons, Thomas MacEntee, Janet Maher, Leland Meitzler, Brenda Dougall Merriman, Elizabeth Shown Mills, Brian Mitchell, George G. Morgan, Stephen P. Morse, Janice Nickerson, Bob Norton, Dave Obee, Beryl O'Gorman, Gena Philibert Ortega, Chris Paton, Marian Pierre-Louis, Marion Press, Pat Richley-Erickson, Christine Rose, James G. Ryan, Eric Shaw, Gary Schroder, Craig Scott, Randy Seaver, Sharon Sergeant, Drew Smith, Helen Smith, Megan Smolenyak, Louise St. Denis, Paula Stuart-Warren, Loretto Szucs, D. Joshua Taylor, James F.S. Thomson, Christopher Watts, Judy Webster, Kurt B. Witcher, Glenn Wright, Susie Zada.

A word on the voting which will start on the 22nd. You will be asked to state your country of residence, either Australia and New Zealand, Canada, UK, or USA, which together cover 94% of visitors to the blog. You will also be able to specify other. When you vote you will be able to select as many of the nominees as you want -- there's more than one rock star.

Finally, you won't find my name on the list. I was nominated but disqualified myself, That way there should be no whiff of conflict in the way I manage the voting.


Anonymous said...

Please add Brian Gilchrist. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Please add Daniel Caron . Thanks

Marcy Wright said...

Please add Tamura Jones.
I'd love to pick his brain on genealogy software. Thanks.