12 September 2015

Ancestry updates U.K., Civil Divorce Records, 1858-1914

Originally containing 68,124 records when first published online in January 2013 there are now 76,222 records in Ancestry's U.K., Civil Divorce Records, 1858-1914 database.

According to Ancestry's description "Records may provide the following details:

  • name
  • gender
  • spouse
  • spouse’s gender
  • type of record
  • petition year
  • date and place of marriage
  • names and birth details of children
  • copy of marriage certificate

Records will indicate who filed the petition and who the respondent was. They may also provide a short history of the marriage (including addresses), the grounds for the divorce petition with some details (such as names, times, and places associated with adultery or desertion), terms of judgment, and other details. These details can make these records both informative and very personal."

Read further details here.

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Audrey Collins said...

Great stuff, but despite Ancestry's description they are not 'UK' records, they are only for England and Wales! I have asked them to correct this before, maybe they need another nudge.