07 September 2015

Rockstar Genealogist(s) 2015 voting now open

Choose your favourites from nearly 151 nominees from the English-speaking genealogy world. Let them know you appreciate their contributions.
Help folks organizing a speaker program to know who is popular internationally and in different regions.
Tell your friends. Ask them to vote, suggest who to vote for and multiply the power of your vote.
What surprises will there be in this the fourth year of the survey?


By request votes for those indicated by "not tabulated" will not be included when compiling results. They are included in the poll only to indicated they were not overlooked.


Kirsty Gray said...

Wow - what a list, John! When does voting close?

JDR said...

We'll give it to noon EDT on Sunday. Thanks for your help Kirsty in encouraging folks to vote.

Kirsty Gray said...

I haven't done anything yet, John. But I will!

Anonymous said...

I wish I would have nominated Michael John Neill.

Unknown said...

I'd love to vote, but am prevented from doing so! Be warned, you cannot check the criteria after taking the survey as you cannot then go on to vote.

Anonymous said...

Please let me vote! I keep getting a message I've taken the survey and can go no further.

Anonymous said...

Would the votes be more meaningful if there was a limit (eg, if we could only vote for, say, five people)? Just a thought.

Nicka said...

I have a couple of questions. Can I ask what the criteria is for identifying these folks? Next, why are there not more people of color on the list? Lastly, if one or more of the folks on this list doesn't meet all the criteria, why are they on the list? Personally, I think lists like this are divisive because folks are bound to be left out.

JDR said...

Nicka: Thank you for your comment.

The criteria for nomination are spelled out at http://anglo-celtic-connections.blogspot.ca/2015/09/rockstar-genealogist-2015-nominations.html. Nominations were open for almost a week and publicized on social media.

I'm unaware which of the nominees are of colour. I encourage nominations from all genealogical communities.

Those voting decide which are the most important criteria for them, that will be a personal decision.

The nomination process is open, people will only be left out if they aren't nominated, or are not genealogists/family historians.