25 September 2015

Deceased Online adds Ladywell Cemetery

The following is an announcement from Deceased Online.
Deceased Online is delighted to announce that the Lewisham, South London, record collection has been increased with the addition of the historic Ladywell Cemetery, which dates from 1858.
The Ladywell Collection comprises nearly 90,000 names (burials) with around 250,000 records including scans of original burial registers, details of all grave occupants and section maps for approximately 80% of the graves.
Lewisham records already available on www.deceasedonline.com are for Grove Park Cemetery and Hither Green Crematorium. The remaining records for Brockley and Hither Green Cemeteries will be added over the next few weeks. When complete, there will be nearly 400,000 burials and 1 million records for Lewisham on the Deceased Online website.
As with its neighbouring sister cemetery, Brockley (records soon on Deceased Online), Ladywell was opened in 1858 and features thousands of Victorian and early 20th century headstones and memorials. Due to its proximity to central London and the old naval shipyards at Deptford, there are many interesting and notable graves. 

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