27 September 2015

Ottawa City Archives Update

Patrons of the Ottawa City Archives at 100 Tallwood will no longer be interacting with Claire Lee, a long-time staff member. Claire retired earlier this month, although had been away for some while using up annual leave. I'm grateful for Claire's help over the years and wish her well in retirement.
Jacinda Bain is now the archivist dealing with post-amalgamation records while Ann Lauzon handles pre-amalgamation records. Claire Sutton now staffs the reference desk.
A reminder about the opening of the Taverns and Troublemakers exhibit which will have its official opening on Thursday 1 October with opening reception at 6:30pm. RSVP to archives@ottawa.ca.

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Ian White said...

Please do not forget that BIFHSGO and OGS each has a volunteer in the Reference Room for most of the time the Archives are open. Many of these volunteers have developed considerable skill in helping visitors get answers to their questions and problems.