11 September 2015

The Ships That Brought Them

The August and September issues of the newsletter of the British Home Child Group International feature stories of ships that brought home children to Canada. In the August newsletter it was the S S Tunisian, in September The Bavarian (image) which brought relatively few home children.They may be of interest even if you don't have a home child connection.
The latter includes an unusual story regarding Canada's maritime history, the grounding and eventually refloated of The Bavarian thanks to the innovative approach of Kingston, Ontario, wrecker W. B. Lesslie. Find the story under the newsletter tab for September at http://britishhomechild.com/.
I hope the BHCGI newsletter will continue to feature the ships that brought them.

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Sandra said...

My Creswick grandmother was not a Home Child, but it was The Bavarian that brought her family to Canada in 1904. Thanks for the link to the ship's story.