30 September 2015

TNA Podcast: Kew lives – reconstructing the past

In this short (15 minute) talk from 3 September 2015 Emily Ward-Willis explains how to research the local history of an area, using the Mortlake Terrace shops in Kew as a case study.
The study is based on census and directory information found at TNA and local archives. Mention is made of the 1910 valuation office survey although it was not available for the area.
Two case studies are described, the robbery of a property by a police officer and the death of a First World War sailor and remarriage of his widow..
The talk, a contribution to the Know Your Place festival, a celebration of the heritage of Richmond upon Thames is well organized and was clearly presented.
Unfortunately, as is too often the case with TNA podcasts, the audio has intermittent problems and there is reference to illustrations which are not available. Such technical difficulties, which should not be hard to address, reflect poorly on TNA.'s consideration for its online clients.

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