03 September 2015

Free access to Ancestry.com US records

Just in time to give access to a new collection of US State probate and will records Ancestry.com is giving free access to records of U.S. birth, marriage and death until 7 September.

The new US probate collection is included, with records from 1668 to 2005. It's huge - more than 170 million original page images linked.  There are more than 2.8 million records for New York, more than 1 million each for Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Trailing are Alaska and Wyoming with less than 1,000 record and Nevada with just 27. Take advantage.

1 comment:

Gail B said...

I don't think this is quite as advertised. I tried a known name, place etc for a "Free Probate" record (Harry Homer Fagg, d. Maverick Texas) and it asked for my name and email address to send the info. They would provide me a password. I said no thank, which took me to a list of HHFagg's records, which said I could either "Preview" or "see the record". Clicking on either asked me again to register with name and email. The small print indicated I must abide by Ancestry's privacy policies.

Figured that's a hook, so no go from here

Maybe I am doing something wrong?

Gail B in St. C.