19 September 2015

International Top Ten Genealogists 2015

Join me in congratulating the International top ten as voted in the Rockstar Genealogist poll 2015.

1. CeCe Moore
2. Judy G. Russell
3. Thomas MacEntee
4. Roberta Estes
5. Dick Eastman
6. Lisa Louise Cooke
7. D. Joshua Taylor
8. Megan Smolenyak
9. Kirsty Gray
10. Cyndi Ingle

Here are some statistics:

2026 voters were recorded for this category.
72% of voters self-identified as female, seven of ten on the list are female.
57% of voters identified themselves as genetic genealogists.
Nine of ten on the list are from the USA.
Elizabeth Shown Mills received votes which at her request were not tabulated.

I'll take a break from further analysis while attending the BIFHSGO conference.

1 comment:

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Congratulations to all these wonderful people who contribute so much to our knowledge of genealogy.