18 September 2015

Genetic Genealogist Top Ten 2015

Join me in congratulating the top ten as voted in the Rockstar Genealogist poll 2015 by those indicating they are genetic genealogists.

1. CeCe Moore
2. Roberta Estes
3. Judy G. Russell
4. Blaine Bettinger
5. Dick Eastman
6. Megan Smolenyak
7. Thomas MacEntee
8. D. Joshua Taylor
9. Maurice Gleeson
10. Kitty Cooper

Here are some statistics:

1193 voters were recorded for this category.
70% of voters self-identified as female, five of ten on the list are female.
66% of voters were from the USA, 11% from Canada, 9% from England, Scotland and Wales, 6% each from Australia/NZ and Ireland. The remainder preferred not to say.
Nine of the ten are from the USA.

Tomorrow the blog will reveal the International and British Commonwealth top ten.

1 comment:

Kitty Cooper said...

wow thank you john! I blogged about this today :)