21 September 2015

DNA Testing is Essential for Genealogy

There are precious few genealogists more respected than Judy Russell and Thomas W Jones. Both are certified by the (US) Board for Certification of Genealogists and have played leading roles in that organization. Both attract large audiences wherever they speak - you don't ever want to be speaking at a conference in the same time slot.

Last Friday Tom Jones speaking to, what else, a standing-room-only crowd of genealogists in Syracuse, New York, urged DNA testing of family members as broadly and as deeply as pocketbooks will bear as one of the essential first steps any genealogist should take.

That's from an item Judy posted on her Legal Genealogist blog, an essential read for all serious genealogists -- DNA: coming on strong.

Although genetic genealogy was not a theme at the BIFHSGO conference this year there was a rep from FTDNA in the marketplace - the stand was always busy. There's a demand for more only partially satiated by the BIFHSGO DNA Interest Group.

Next year's OGS conference in Toronto will have as featured speakers both Judy Russell and CeCe Moore, both Rockstar genetic genealogists. Be sure to set aside June 3-5 2016.

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