04 September 2015

Your Genealogy Today: September-October 2015 issue

For the record, here are the contents of the most recent issue of Your Genealogy Today.

Dissecting Death Notices for New Clues
George G. Morgan offers a number of strategies for extracting the maximum information from an ancestor’s death notice

Advice from the Pros
Janice Nickerson on Understanding Records Access Restrictions

Between the Headlines: 
Sensational Snippets and Scoops
Sue Lisk offers seven tips to help you locate your ancestors in the newspapers of yesteryear

Interviewing the Elderly
Brenda Ervin shares her successful tips for getting the elderly to open up and share their memories for future generations

Have You Reached a Brick Wall in Your Native American Research?
Stuart Doyle examines some strategies and resources for overcoming difficulties in Indian research

Reconstructing World War II Service Records
Jennifer Holik looks at alternate record sources when dealing with a missing Army, Air Corps or National Guard service record

Intertwined Families
Elaine Ford researches a Mississippi ancestor and a connection to slavery

DNA & Genealogy
Janine Cloud Asks: Can a DNA Test Confirm Native American Ancestry? It Depends.

The Rich Rewards of Your Roots: What I Found On My Journey Into The Past
Martin Goldsmith shares an extract from his book, Alex’s Wake: The Tragic Voyage of the St. Louis to Flee Nazi Germany – and a Grandson’s Journey of Love and Remembrance

Genealogy Tourism
Lora O'Brien Looks at Genealogy Tourism in Ireland: How to Get Started

The Back Page
We All Have a “Rachel” in Our Family Tree!

I hope you find more of interest for your family history exploration in this issue than I did for mine.

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