03 September 2015

BIFHSGO Conference Update

A lot of work goes on by the BIFHSGO conference committee from the day the previous conference closes. The pace picks up as opening day, 18 September, nears.
Last week the conference committee had a walk about of the new venue with their staff and things appear to be in order. There's free wi-fi throughout the facility and capability to stream presentations in The Chamber to an overflow room in case it's needed.
The conference booklet with all the information you need to know is prepared and being printed.
The marketplace is fully booked.
Registration is about on a par with previous years - there's still room in the Friday seminar sessions.
Bookmarks from the OGS 2016 conference committee have arrived to be stuffed into the registrants packages, that's a quid pro quo for Toronto publicising next year's BIFHSGO conference -- maybe I misspoke, work on that is starting prior to the end of this month's conference.
Information has been distributed to those of us fortunate enough to have been chosen as session chairs.
The bottom line from conference co-Chair (Program) Jane Down, not given to over-hyping things, is a confident sounding "It will be good."


Susan said...

The BIFHSGO Conference is always "good"! It's great and the hardest part for me, is choosing which session to attend, would like to take part in all of them! Look forward to learning and meeting up with fellow genealogists.

Chris Paton said...

Looking forward to it!